Grow your Instagram like Magic

Do you have an Instagram account for your brand, restaurant, blog, channel or so on..? If you do, you may have difficulty growing your account past a few hundred or a couple thousand followers. You are probably putting in the effort, running ads, creating content, constantly boosting posts and sharing them via influencers to your community...

Yet post all this, growth remains slow and you notice very few sales conversions/traffic to your website/blog or you do not have the financial power to constantly burn large amounts of funds on your Instagram. Having said this, what if I told you there is a way you can grow your account organically by 350 to 1,000 followers each month simultaneously increasing traffic and leads to your business?

Prowl by Bubble

“Prowl” is one of the products built by Bubble in London which helps you grow your account by a minimum of 350 to over 1000 followers each month. By ensuring constant engagement round the clock it increases the pace of follower growth by 5X.

How does it work?

Prowl identifies your potential target market from a tentative age, interests, activity and location to create a database of Instagram profiles, it then uses an automated algorithm to follow and like warm profiles from the database. As it engages this audience 24/7 through your account, it provides you with a hands-free solution for Instagram.

Why do you need this?

With Prowl followers are more than just a number, these are curated profiles matching the interests of your target market. Any posts and stories you further publish will reach these warm leads increasing your sales conversions simultaneously sharing your story with the world.

About Bubble’s clients:

Over 50 clients across the UK, India and Africa including companies such as Swiggy’s own subsidiary “The bowl company” and influencers such as @the.vogue.vanity have benefited from Prowl. Do drop a message to to know more or arrange a toll-free call by our team. Since I promised to thrill you at the end, here it is: The software takes only 3 to 5 minutes to set up and works on subscription with prices starting at just $40/Rs. 2,500 p/m.

*PS: These are not Fake followers or Bots! Please refrain from purchasing them as they ruin the validity and reliability of your account and would cause harm to your profile on a long run.